Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep


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decypher4200 Jun 20 @ 11:27pm 
Structures on rafts almost seems needed as traveling between islands will certainly lead to a heat stroke. I havent played with the new stuff yet but if what I'm reading is true and sunburn happens really fast then we will be trapped on an island and the only way to explore is to get heat stroke.. This restricting of travel seems not needed and not well thought out unless we get some way to protecting ourselves from the sun and cold on the raft. This update worries me because if it is not balance just right its going to be a huge drawback to the game imho and I love this game.
Haemmerly Jun 20 @ 10:00pm 
Good Work people...hi every
1%Spacebar May 30 @ 12:52am 
Best. Descion. Ever.
1%Spacebar May 30 @ 12:30am 
That's it. I'm going over and finding out how to switch to experimental mode.
wooke May 14 @ 2:02pm 
i cant take a water on solar still because i dont have a container ?, sorry i m just a survivor
基佬日头顶西瓜皮 May 14 @ 6:10am 
Red River May 11 @ 7:25pm 
this is tropics it isn't cold overnight!!
and after you build some natural suntan the sunburns are less likely.... to avoid heatstoke just need a strawhat!
EgN-R| Smiley May 11 @ 1:47pm 
how do i download it?
Umby May 11 @ 9:19am 
Y'all need to add Buckets back again, so we can collect rain water again.
Umby May 11 @ 9:15am 
Would be nice to build structures on rafts, but ofc, that's a lot of Physics to deal with, and it can be a waste of resources, and hard to pull the raft on shore, meaning it can wash away with all your stuff on it...

-=KCRoyalsMan=-'s idea is nice, but has some big negativess to it.

Also, I noticed Sunburns and Colds happen rather fast...not exactly good if they happen so quickly. With what framerate I get on my old's a pain to deal with, lol, yet still a manageable 7-10 FPS, so that indeed can increase my struggle there. BUT, this isn't about my framerate, it's about the sunburns and colds that happen quicker than they should.

Apart from that, a good update. I'll stick to the Stable version first though, maybe wait until my Gaming PC is bought.