Product Update v1.0.0.22

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Rebirth hype Sep 17 @ 3:31pm

I'll leave that there for anybody hungry for news about this great game
ShadowDragon28 Jun 27 @ 10:48pm 
so will Logitech gamepads work in the game now?
Netami Apr 19 @ 12:19pm 
Still no info about any updates or anything........
DarkMantle Apr 4 @ 3:42pm 
Did I hear "Linux"? Count me in when the port is ready! I'll place this game in my wishlist till then.
Zosma Mar 26 @ 6:08pm 
Very happy to hear about the IGPU fix, now if you guys can get a linux port out I can finally start to play this game. :)
Netami Mar 23 @ 4:45am 
Did the support for this game die already? When are the other classes going to be available.
Ztitus Feb 17 @ 11:56am 
This game need a various languages support
Exiled Preest Feb 15 @ 9:49pm 
Yeah I havent played since before the update, and now everytime I open the game, it crashes. :(
thephonypope Jan 30 @ 1:03pm 
Hi, I've experienced (what I think is) a glitch in the Western Skyway. It occurs two rooms over from the save point on the right of the stage. If I fall down to the upper level from the room above, sometimes an enemy will teleport me down to the lower lever, rather than him just teleporting up to my position. Not that it's a very big deal

Anyhoo, thanks a lot for the game. It's awesome!
DVD201 Jan 18 @ 7:56pm 
I am now experiencing a start up glitch that seems new with this update. Some of the resources don't load with the game, like the Valdis Story logo, some backgrounds and effects. I managed to get the game to play normally so i need to see the frequency of this issue.