Master Reboot

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budwheizzah 18 мар. 2014 в 9:55 
Right because there's sooooo much detail we can't hear in the MP3's... right?
LOL ...MP3's are fine. The missing details in the lossy format are things a dog will notice. To us it's the same thing.
murlakatamenka 27 янв. 2014 в 14:47 
Thanks for reply.
That's a pity most of the OSTs on Steam come in lossy only

Also, is it available for purchase in lossless anywhere?
Dumb_G_Artist 27 янв. 2014 в 14:39 
All the tracks are in MP3 format
murlakatamenka 27 янв. 2014 в 13:36 
Nice, is soundtrack in lossy or lossless?