Game of Dethrones Update

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AeroDarryl 28 Ιουλ @ 7:09μμ 
I agree, the old Mono needs to be it's own mode. Other than that, keep up the good work folks.
PsyMcDeath 25 Ιουλ @ 7:28μμ 
Oh... Just seen... Greys take away a block... Woho... WHAT a penalty...

...*snort* Sry, cant take this with a straight face. Actually, that a UTILLITY for me to collect a "Match 21".
PsyMcDeath 25 Ιουλ @ 7:24μμ 
Wait.. No more Stealth-Bonus for Mono? First no Point-Penalty for successive hits, and now No Penalty at all? YGTBKM...
Shugotenshi 29 Ιουν @ 5:41μμ 
The lack of Grays, being an elemental factor of Mono, is a great problem in its own and seems to have been wiped in favor of "spikes" that merely take away blocks in the column hit rather than motivating a player to improve their skill and avoid these in hopes of obtaining a no longer existant bonus. The game all in all isn't nearly as fun or challenging because of these changes, and I believe that an alternate mode (perhaps "New Mono") should have been created, or even renaming Mono to "Classic Mono." All in all, the new mono seems to be an attempted mash of several mods that are available for people to download. Myself and my friends, and I'm sure many others, would love to see the return of our beloved Mono. I would greatly appreciate the return of what I've grown to love and felt was much more focused on the feel and flow of gameplay and music coming together.
Shugotenshi 29 Ιουν @ 5:41μμ 
I have to say, I'm definitely not happy with the Mono Update. I've recommended the game to several friends (very easily over AS1, mind you), 2 of which grabbed a copy because of the fun gameplay and diversity of options. With this update however, Mono, being pretty much the sole mode I play, has not gone in the direction myself and friends have wanted. The graphic update was a very nice touch (if not odd? the ships seem like giant locomotives), but the entire gameplay changed from how Mono was. The gameplay is much slower and doesn't seem to play with momentum as much and blocks don't seem to generate in nearly as diverse of patterns; they seem to stick to a side for a while and don't shift around as much or follow the music in an intricate manner as before the update.
Shino 27 Ιουν @ 9:09μμ 
I have a serious complain about the new gray stage. You start a song, it's all blue/yellow and it looks really nice. But then you should get to the usual intense red it becomes gray. It washes away the colors. That's such a turn off I'm only using Sandstorm now.
Thollupped 9 Ιουν @ 9:02πμ 
for all those looking for the old mono, like i was, search up "mono classic" mod in the workshop, it adds in the old mono mode, with the leaderboards correct and with the stealth bonus!
Arya Stark 6 Ιουν @ 1:24πμ 
*wish you could disable/enable it.
Arya Stark 6 Ιουν @ 1:23πμ 
I don't like the wakeboard gird where you can quickly crossing either wake. It annoys me how when you want to move quickly to collect the blocks and suddenly he jumps.
∞ Cynder 5 Ιουν @ 10:29μμ 
have they fixed the bloddy bug where it wouldnt play the MP3 FILES?!