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the Dude Jan 20 @ 2:08am 
Woohoo, Survivalist gets the armor bonus now! Can't wait to see the new zed & map !!
the Dude Jan 20 @ 2:07am 
@ Padlock No, ballistic shock increases stun chance by 100% (meaning chance to stun is doubled). It is never 100% chance to stun, except for lvl 25 Sharpshooter during Zed time
Americano Beans Jan 17 @ 4:17am 
KOREAN Translated Ver. (패치내역 한국어 번역 버젼.)

Padlock Jan 14 @ 3:34am 
You should buff M14 and Crossbow a little bit Another thing to take into account is ballistic shock. It is supposed to stunt with a 100% chance, but in fact, it doesn´t.
K-Bean Jan 10 @ 8:35am 
The new update is available as a BETA PREVIEW. (Has been for a month or so)

You can play the upcoming patch by going to your game library, right click Killing Floor 2, open properties then go to "BETAS" -tab and select "preview -" from the dropbox.

If for some reason the drop box wont open then click it and use the arrow keys on your keyboard untill it says "preview -". (should be one step). Then just close the tab and have the 3,1GB update roll in.

+It is an experimental beta version of the game so you might run into couple bugs or glitches.
(for me it does not fix the SLI problem, the only way around it is to disable SLI and have the second card running just the PhysX.
Wanaskiwin Jan 9 @ 7:12pm 
is SLI ingame? i get awful flickering giant black and grey walls that can totally wipe clean any trace of a zed until they suddenly appear right in my face or i look at that spot in a certain way.
Sharky McShark Jan 9 @ 2:38pm 
Finally they buffed firebug, that class might become at least playable now.
shizeek Jan 9 @ 10:26am 
А когда она появится в России???
K-Bean Jan 9 @ 5:34am 
Is there a temp fix for the flickering black textures when using SLI? Anything you can adjust / enable or disable to ease off the flickerness? Either from within configuration files, launch settings or in-game settings? Other than turning off SLI.

...I hate to reorganize my desktop every time I switch SLI on/off
Wanaskiwin Jan 8 @ 11:28pm 
i just hope they make it so the hrozine suits/helms are atleast recyclable. or tradable. i foolishly bought a few extras thinking i could pass em to a few friends. how the suits ppl were selling them is beyond me.