Dream Patch Notes

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ultrapowerfulG 2014年2月3日 8時26分 
Hope the update is soon, first I didn't know what to do, there were no clues. Like in the first part of the game at the end you told us this was just a part of the game. But now it's different. I walked into the portal in that little room and I just went back to sleep and woke up again in the house. And there was my frustration. But, np, I'm still nervous to see the newest update.
Aurora 2014年2月1日 19時34分 
really that's all? bug is still many.
jrich360 2014年1月30日 20時13分 
I had a nightmare and had an idea for a game like this is why I bought it. I like those twilight zone, dreamy, imginary type of games. So I think I will get my worth out of it, seems have some humor elements as well.
Erictodie 2014年1月16日 1時01分 
@jrich360: there's a computer at the center of the map. Games also in development so there's still 2/3s of the game to come. It is an ambient puzzle adventure game, so if that's not your cup of tea well let it be a lesson learned to google games before you buy them. Sorry if that's the case.
jrich360 2014年1月15日 20時02分 
I played for half hour, all u basically due is walk around a map...am i missing something?
Imrathan 2014年1月13日 18時46分 
Howards call Needs to be fixed but rather then that awsome game :D
Epongeur 2014年1月13日 1時47分 
In the nightmare ... I was able to climb up the refrigerator and get stuck ... glitch and even if I want hard try and get out of the house so please if ya can repair it and your game is awesome for now Im glad youre working hard on it
AshStancill 2014年1月11日 6時51分 
I'll look into the howard bug some more, in the mean time you dont have to repond to the call. I think the issue is sam overwrote the speach.wav - which has around a minuite or so blank audio after. You can only move once the audio has finished.
Randy Randerson 2014年1月10日 16時00分 
Love it but stuck at the bug when it froze after i did the lights in the maze, beautiful game and great concept looking forward to more
Law Abiding Engineer 2014年1月10日 10時55分 
I like the idea of the boxes in the attic for the two holiday themes. Great idea for any other holiday