Wanderlust: Rebirth Patch Notes - 3.08 & 3.09 [Steam]

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Pudding 2014年5月18日下午5:10 
You guys are definately about to turn your player base around if this gets word out! :)
Bodom910 2014年5月7日上午1:49 
Finally, thanks!
Roosya 2014年5月5日上午12:15 
Русский добавьте и поддержку линукса, пожалуйста.
Panda 2014年5月4日上午6:55 
Add translations please!
DooKs 2014年5月3日下午6:00 
yea, just aadd a password if there isnt one. should solve everything just fine. also, PLEASE add support for left and right trigger on the 360 controller.
AcidGames 2014年5月3日上午6:12 
Lol i used hamachi to host a private game as long as my friends used my ipv4 they could join me kinda handy.
yatan87 2014年5月3日上午4:37 
Add at least password protected for private games :)
SVBB 2014年5月3日上午1:54 
Online with other players now working? FUCK YEA!