Batman™: Arkham Knight

Batman™: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight no longer coming to Mac and Linux

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Spackeck Aug 8 @ 10:27pm 
Would you like to give us a reason as to why? Or should all the Mac and Linux users just have to suck it up? Stupid moves like this are the reason people stop supporting triple-A developers.
Prikstein Aug 6 @ 4:52am 
LOL JesusPorkRoll
JesusPorkRoll Aug 5 @ 11:43am 
So, you can't fight The Penguin on Linux? Bad form WB.
◢kris◤ Jul 21 @ 8:04pm 
Wow - I wasn't really following the announcements so I'm obviously late to this news - but damn. That's a real bitch move.
1316519868 Jul 21 @ 6:39pm 
[ ] Jul 19 @ 6:18am 
Had I seen this earlier, I would have not supported this game.

Big dev making promises and not fullfulling em, thats just plain wrong and stupid
The Ulitimate Gamer Jul 17 @ 6:02am 
good job i had a gaming pc
eseeve Jul 4 @ 2:59pm 
If u bought it on a Mac and have and get a dell computer can u sign into the dell and play?
Z. Jul 4 @ 11:07am 
I purchased this game along with the season pass during the summer sale and I can run 1080p @ 60fps (with normal to high settings) almost all the time. Core i5-4570 with AMD's R9 290. Installed the game on HDD too.

But now the game's reputation will forever be tainted because of the rushed PC port.....
Eek-A-Mouse Jul 1 @ 6:43am 
What, zoopy said indeed..
This game also suffers from idiot fanboys like him.
Who cant even see the rip off that this game made.
And practically have you pay for content that could have easily been part of the maingame like the prequels had.

Theres the irony right there...
And yet they defend it with their poor pride.
Oh well.. i gues some people are blind as sjit.