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Steam user stereotypes!
Post yours here!

Here are some:

The review rater:

This steam user goes on the game hub for their favorite game and dislikes all of the negative reviews to hell, there are a lot of these out there, even if the person creating the reviews has a valad reason to dislike the game and doesn't say things like " This game sucks large genitals " or something along those lines.

The TF2 player:

These steam users do nothing but play TF2, and while they're in school/working/sleeping then they'll go on an idle server, they have amazing amount of achievments and they constantly quote the classes thinking they're clever and original (They really aren't).

All I could think of.
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Nikusui 😗 Feb 10, 2014 @ 9:52am 
The stereotype junkie

This steam user love to create various categories to classify various players which will ,without a doubt, lead to prejudice and discrimation of the majority on a particular group of player. This good willed but ignorant user, do not realize that stereotype should never exist.

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