toxic22 26 jan à 8h34
day z or *insert game*
Ok so im debating if I should get Rust or Day z they both look great but I can ony get one so I would appreicate if someone tell me if I should get ust or Day z thanks.
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toxic22 26 jan à 8h38 
can u build a base,house,etc
DirtyButter 26 jan à 13h56 
dayz definately
Clint Eastwood 26 jan à 14h46 
Derroll 26 jan à 14h53 
rust for now then dayz when there is more updates
Rubber Johnny 26 jan à 15h01 
Frenchy Douche 26 jan à 18h08 
day z
Ziutek 27 jan à 3h39 
day z
SplatAheadshot 27 jan à 9h23 
Dayz FTW
Melik` 27 jan à 10h03 
Ade5t 28 jan à 4h20 
SMScott42 28 jan à 8h41 
pizhonema 28 jan à 9h51 
Famiru 28 jan à 11h49 
WarZ :D
toxic22 30 jan à 9h32 
The mod or the offical game?
Fuck you 30 jan à 9h38 
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