i can't play my game?!?! why?
can someone help me, I've been playing left 4 dead 2 on my steam and its been working ALOT so I've had no problems with it. But now when i launch left 4 dead 2 on my steam it says that

hl2_osx quit unexpectedly" I don't know how to fix it
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Maybe you might need to re install any source games you think might be causing the problems. Or google the error, and it might give you some files to manually download. Thats what i had to do for call of duty 2, i had a similar problem!
My cod 2 runs but PAUSES at times making it really irritating. I seems to be due to sound issues. Because if I change sound settings the pauses STOP - but then I can't hear my guns fire =( referring to COD 2 on my Mac.
lawler1991 Mar 15, 2014 @ 4:00pm 
My Macbook Pro doesn't meet the graphics requirements for Rocksmith 2014 I am bummed! Is there any way to get around this issue? My Ghz and processor meet the requirements any advice?
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