curtis mang Jul 24 @ 8:18am
Dualshock 4 Support
This controller is something of an anomaly with steam. I have a mapping app "Controllers", which works great for non-steam games, or games without controller functionality included. Steam, however, bugs out most games. I know at the root of the problem is that the DS4 speaks a diff language than X360 pads (direct v. Xinput). What is unusual is that big picture mode works fine, until I enter the controller settings screen to verify button presses/responses. Most buttons match, but a few are completely off: left trigger is axis 3 while right is button 7, left stick works intermittently, button 4 registers as 0, shoulders should be 5 & 6 but input as 4 & 5, etc. I have tried a number of games with mixed results. All games with native Xinput support are wonky--each in their own way. My proposition to Steam is to please work something out here, as many games are "unplayable" as is, and there is no way I'm continuing to buy more games when buying another new controller is a prereq. Steam, your built in wrapper is breaking my ability to use my own mapper for games. It's broken. Please fix it. Controller functionality is important, it's how most people play games. In the meantime, if anyone has a wrapper that will override steams lazy effort, please let us know! And if someone with the skills sets up a kickstarter to make one, I will definitely hop on that wagon, so post it up.
Date Posted: Jul 24 @ 8:18am
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