RoX Jul 31, 2014 @ 7:08pm
Steam Wish List Idea: Burning Install Disks
I'm a game collector here on steam but my options for internet in my local area are limited and my max download speed is around 600kbps on a good day. Being that I'm a game collector I have a lot of games (think 280 of 560 currently) that are installed on my system at any given time but when I want to play a large game (Skyrim or Hitman Absolution for instance) that isn't already installed on my computer, I have to wait a day before I can even install it. Thinking back if I only had to download it once, I could have saved some time and Steam the unnecessary tiny bit of band width to get the game reinstalled.

I know I may be asking a lot, nor am I sure if this is already in the works or aware if it has been previously proposed, that’s why I'm proposing this as 'wish list' idea. In retrospect, if I had the option to burn the data that I had downloaded for larger games to a DVD, when I want to play a game that is not on my system, its only finger tips away instead of day’s way.

Obviously, burning a smaller game to CD or DVD would not be an efficient use of a disc but that’s fine because they take less time to download.

I know the skepticism of piracy and the worries of hacks that will come with the nature of this proposal. Well, maybe you could require a user to download an installer to be able to install any data from disk as an authentication process. This would also be when user save games or user settings are downloaded from the cloud as well. But, you are the experts, I merely throw this idea out there for you to mull over as a possible customer pleaser and Steam resource saver.
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Traj Jul 31, 2014 @ 7:40pm 
Once you download the game you can archive them for use at a later date. CD, DVD, an extra harddrive. Where ever. I personally have a second hard drive for all apps, games, media, etc. So, if my harddrive is assigned E: then I install Steam to E:\Games\Steam. When installing games to the default library they go in to E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common. My E: drive has been through 4 or 5 builds and all the games in the \common directory never had to downloaded again.

I started doing the above quite a few years ago. Now Steam can point your games directory to an alternate location. Just get yourself a large external sata drive and install your games to the external drive. No need to download them again.

Backing up all your save games and configs is a bit more of a feat. Click Start, Run, and enter %APPDATA%. Go data mining. When done, start digging thru your Documents directory.
Uhm, there's also the Steam Backup feature... it allows you to backup your game files in CD/DVD/custom size to burn or store anywhere you want.

Steam → Backup or restore games.
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