sidescratches Mar 7, 2013 @ 3:54pm
Re-installed Steam client but games not installed
When I would click my Steam shortcut it wanted to install steam as if it was new, even though when I hit cancel it went to the steam shell and I could play all my games. so I uninstalled and re-installed the Steam client. When I uninstalled Steam I did not uninstall any of the games and they all still exist on the C drive and on the uninstall software under windows control panel.

Why, now that I have reinstalled the steam client, does it not recognize the games are still there and it wants to download them all over again as if they do not exist on my computer? Any way to show Steam they still exist on my computer?? thanks!
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Uninstalling Steam uninstalls any and all Steam games. (Sadly the steam uninstall process does not point this out)
To prevent this next time make a backup of your steamapps subfolder.
Sorry for your loss. You WILL have to re-download any games you want to play again.
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