Spontaneous Shopping Cart Dump!
I've been shopping for 3 days.

I've wasted HOURS every day, researching each game purchase prior to clicking

At last count, I had 56 games in my Cart and was only on page 12 of 26 pages and still (was, emphasize was) looking to add more.

I happened to glance at the top of my page, when suddenly, I realized that ...
something was missing ...
... did you hear it? (The neighbors sure did)... my screams of agony. that is. "noooooooooooooooooo"
when I realized that
my Shopping Cart had mysteriously emptied out, all on it's own.

* Has this ever happened to you?

Is there a way to fix it? (online search reveals that apparently it's a long standing issue, that it's been happening to other STEAM shoppers for a number of years now - me, I'm still new here, and thought it was only happening recently, (with the last BETA version of the Steam client, but thought that 'Cart Dump' had already been fixed!)

Since we now know that this has been happening for a number of years,
* WHY hasn't it been fixed yet?!!!!

This must hurt sales.

CART DUMP takes money out of the pockets of all the game creators I was willing to $upport.

What I mean by that is:
- a lot of this weeks sale prices aren't the best that have been ever offered, (according to archived prices/news) and I know for a fact that if I wait, prices will be even lower, (and have been lower during some of the bigger sales)
- I was feeling generous and in the mood to $pend. however;
-- I don't have the time to refill my cart again,
-- I don't remember all of the game titles because I'm still new to STEAM and new to gaming and unfamiliar with a lot of the games I was going to try out
-- I don't have the time to refill my cart again!

3 days of 'impulse shopping', wasted and nothing to show for it.

'Gotta wonder how many 'rage quits' this has led to? (of shopping at Steam, I mean?)

'k, that's it now, I've vented (thanks for the therapy session)
now I'm asking for your help.

The Steam Build Version is: Mar 15, 2013

Is there a(nother) newer one or ???
(When this one updated. a pop up window thanked me and informed that I had been participating in a 'Beta' Version, apparently. In that last client beta version,
and I thought,
that this version was the one that had 'fixed all that'

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Dear STEAM.
Please include the option to print copies of our shopping carts - at least then,
until Cart Dump is permanently repaired, I could go back and hopefully, try again, utilizing the Printed List of game titles I had intended to purchase.
add the option to 'ADD TO CART' right from our Wish Lists.

To anyone making a suggestion:
breaking up the order into smaller batches isn't a solution.
In addition to having to pay 'exchange rates' (I'm not from 'around these parts')
there's a fee that my greedy bank tacks on, every time I purchase outside my country.
Smaller batches of let's say, 56 games, divided by 5 = 11 + additional bank fees.

Also, I do shop online quite a bit and this, 'SPONTANEOUS CART DUMP, hasn't EVER happened anywhere else but here. :(

The End.
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I recommend utilizing wish list to temporarily solve this issue until Valve gets around to fixing this ridiculous bug.

Every time this bug happens, I visualize a supermarket manager tipping my cart full of apples and bananas over right before checkout.
Mysterious Stranger Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:15pm 

Originally posted by The Rolling Cheese:

Every time this bug happens, I visualize a supermarket manager tipping my cart full of apples and bananas over right before checkout.

you read my mind, TRC
that is exactly the comparison I considered using.

Originally posted by Barnose:
man change your bank if you have to buy so many things at once. Never have I bought more than 1 game at a time. Is it just me thinking it's very strange to buy 50+ games at once? That is a lot of games. As dumb as this bug is, now you know about it and will start over, this time using notepad to write your games down or a pen and paper.

Your post is very funny to me. No time to shop but you can post this up. LolOlOL. Why would you troll like this I ask myself... Maybe it's not some weird troll person typing up a steam post... In that case I must feel for you bro. Very sad the world we live in, im sorry.

yeah all I got is change your bank cause you gettin screwed. Then I think if you can afford 60 games plus 20 more pages of "i might buy more games" you wouldn't need to worry about a small fee..

Blah I will post this anyway.. TOO FUNNY U R. Like my great grandma once said. "If I had a dollar for every pair of shoes I bought when I was a kid, I would have enough money to feed my family today.

Mysterious Stranger Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:26pm 
- a list of client updates 2010 - Present
(nothing 'bout the Shopping Cart addressed here)

Can I do this?
re: New steam shopping cart, unable to make purchases?
: 2008-11-11 07:06

"The new cart has nothing to do with the actual client - it's all processed through the site, which points to a issue with the web plugin.
The best way to make purchases now is to logon to www.steampowered.com
and make your purchase with FireFox or your preferred browser.

Restarting Steam should let you download your game.

Should/Can I shop from a browser, while logged in to Steam?
That was posted in 2008 so not sure if it's a recommended option in 2013.

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Originally posted by ??:

Don't bother, I tried buying from browser and steam client, both methods suffer from cart tipping.

I had to resort to wishlist buying 5 at a time. Instead of pushing a gigantic cart in to the cashier lane, I now resort to using a hand basket :'< #firstworldproblems
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Mysterious Stranger Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:38pm 
Def of "Troll" : "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."

Neither 'disruption' nor 'arguement' intended, Barnose.
(Since when is requesting help with a legitimate issue, 'trolling'?) :S
Mysterious Stranger Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:59pm 
Apology accepted, Barnose.

It's 50+ because I'm starting from 'the back of the line', so to speak. I'm new to computing, new to gaming, experimenting with many different genres with the end purpose of becoming a dev, myself.
Shopping Steam Content has become a form of 'questing', in and of itself. lol!
So buying up older games and new not only just to play but to get a feel for what works, what doesn't and still developing my own tastes as well.

There's TONS of good games out there. (Even the 'buggy ones' have merit).

It just takes a lot of time to explore and obviously, don't have another 3 days to retrieve lost data and finish what I started.

@ Rolling Cheese.
G2K I'm not alone, in this. Hopefully, it's on Valve's 'To-Do' List of fixes.
But if Browser does work, going to try that next time.
Advantages to using Browser is the option to "Tab" when searching game info
and, going to try keeping a 'copy' of the shopping cart open so that if the first one 'tips', maybe I'll get lucky and be able to save the 2cnd one.

But need to take a break 4 now and go play a game. XD

G'nite 'all.
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