[THF] jC Exp/Mecha? Invite 2013年1月23日上午11:44
Steam You should allow the crafting of strange into strange metals to where you could craft stranges. It was done for huanted metal scrap.
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ManiacMal 2013年1月23日上午11:51 
You want the attention of Valve, you should also state the game you are talking about. In other news, use the Team Fortress 2 game forum to expalin your idea.
Sloppy Seconds 2013年1月23日下午1:31 
No, the idea is stupid. We already have strange parts, so we don't need any more strange ♥♥♥♥.
[THF] jC Exp/Mecha? Invite 2013年1月23日下午1:34 
No the idea is you destroy strange weapons to craft 1 strange weapon or even a strange hat. If you mix a normal in, you than only get normal metals. And no idea is stupid only people calling an idea as such is stupid.
Frosty The Reindeer 2013年1月23日下午1:38 
Wrong forum. Go to tf2 one.
Sloppy Seconds 2013年1月23日下午3:55 
引用自 jC <_>
And no idea is stupid only people calling an idea as such is stupid.

I think we should strap plastic wings to pigs and throw them over a cliff to see if they fly; remember no idea is stupid, just the people calling the idea stupid are stupid.

Anyways, such things would cause dramatic changes to the trading community, and I don't think it's really worth the headache to implement something such as this.
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