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Hellas Hoplite Jul 8, 2013 @ 12:20am
This Discussion is so Done.
Thank you all for helping me out!!!
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ClumsyCarpet65 Jul 8, 2013 @ 1:13am 
yea i played this game for more than 20 hours andi am still on my first ship. Join the club. it is hard to get just look at the events and you will see dilithium mining that will get you some also at the events you can see academy event that will make you scan down blue dots that will get you a fragment and if you get 15 30 or 60 you can go talk to a npc (forgot name sorry) and he will trade the fragements for dilithium other than that i don't know (both are LIMITED time and amount)
Dr. Z Jul 8, 2013 @ 1:32am 
whenever you get level 50 you can do stfs and get 1000 and more if you turn in the other stuff in the rep tab for dilithium.
Hellas Hoplite Jul 8, 2013 @ 2:08am 
Aight thanks guys
well depending on ur level , at level 50 as said u can take part in stfs v the borg etc and those give 500 dilithium per go also the crystaline entity does the same and ul get dilithium from some episodes during leveling ul get there dont worry.
Best way till u get too level 50 tho would be , checking the daily events as mentioned and go too starfleet or Qonos academy and speak too the officer beforehand nearby too start mining and claim ur recruit/ensign too accompany you...
Also when it starts ul see the kinda pink samples too scan... Now some will produce a Fed or Kdf officer of some sort too shoot , the otehr option is ul get the choice of a scan, one of two options for those id recommend doing one scan then the other untill u succeed which will give u 2 dilithium particel thingys instead of 1 which u get from shooting the enemy officer...
The otehr thing that l happen is teh scan l finish n ul get nothing.. cause it wasnt stable etc...
Also ul get dilithium from ur doff assignements which are ur duty officers each time u run the security teams check for "contraband" then every time u have at least 5 contraband or more"..You can take those too the officer too trade them for dilithium which would be ,fed starbase the cat like guy... think hes in teh middle of the station and KDf would be at Qonos main city in teh great hall left hand side when u go in...
Sure that l help... any er trouble etc add me up n il help u out..
Gl n hf n may Kahless b wi ye"... QaplaH"!
O also in cardassian space beside deep space 9 theres a new fleet mining facility once upgraded and which u want the ferengi asteroid , u can mine dilithium there too....
Hellas Hoplite Jul 8, 2013 @ 4:32am 
Thanks A Lot man!!!!!!!!!
Cavemanking Jul 8, 2013 @ 8:32am 
also you get a free ship if you get to level ten and talk to admiral quinn (earth space station) he will give you a starship token which you take to the shipyard and talk to the lady. ask for a ship and pick one you like that is in your level.
Cavemanking Jul 8, 2013 @ 8:33am 
same with lvl 20 and 30 and maybe 40
Originally posted by Cavemanking1:
same with lvl 20 and 30 and maybe 40

Every ten levels up to 40, yes.

Also, Duty Officer missions usually reward a fair bit of Dilitium; one you can get on Starbase 39 gives you 2000 just for handing over 5 Contraband.
Karagek Jul 8, 2013 @ 3:11pm 
You obtain dilithium through the pve ques which can be found near the minimap, it's one of the mini buttons there.

Numerous pve ques give fleet marks, a few have a symble of a purple crystal, that is dilithium, those missions give gear and dilithium.

At level 50 as was mentioned earlier you get the Omega Marks pve ques which give omega marks and dilithium as well, omega marks can be used for additional quick dilithium.

If playing the Federation Or Klingons you have numerous dailys early on that can be used to get dilithium, war zones which the main one is the Kerrat system in eta eridani sector has a daily that gives 1440 dilithium

there is an exploration daily that can be done to explore three systems and do specific objectives there that also gives 1440.

Klingons get access to a daily to go to the Kahless expanse and search for federation ships there to destroy.

The dilithium mining area found at an asteroid system (forgetting the name) near deep space nine can be used for some dilithium as well, this is a daily mission that actualy has two missions. One can be done at will if it has been at least a day since you last did it,

the other requires a mining claim item that is obtained from the lock boxes, which you find randomly, Keys however cost 125 zen in the zen store, or the exchange sells them for over a million energy credits.

The dilithium mining system is available earlier on for federation characters than klingon characters.

The duty officers section gives a small ammount of dilithium for every completed mission with some giving more than others, you can access duty officers by going to the stations tab of you character sheet and in the lower right corner it has a button that says duty officers,

there is a chance at failing many of these missions though, and in some of them failure could temporarily disable the officer for a duration, or remove them.

Nimbus III, is a system that you go to eventualy in the plotline. On Nimbus III you can find numerous side mission boss fights that can be done for a quick 60 dilithium.

While on nimbus III in the bar eventualy one of the people you can talk to will allow you to do three daily missions for dilithium.

If you pay money to get zen you can sell it in game for dilithium, you can also sell dilithium to buy zen.

You can only refine 8000 dilithium per day normally, You can refine dilithium by opening your inventory and changing to the assets tab and it shows your energy credits, dilithium, and omega/romulan/nukara marks. With the dilithium there is a button that says refine dilithium. Press that button and you can refine the dilithium to make it usable.

I know, long list, but those are the many ways to obtain dilithium if you haven't figured any of them out yet, probably more that i don't know of.
you can get dilithium for free doing quests in the war zones or you can go mining for it, those quests are usually only once per day, or you can do fleet alerts and stuff (i.e Starbase 24)
Dr. Z Jul 9, 2013 @ 4:18am 
and ofcouse if you have more toons that means you can go on them once you refine 8000 on the other toons and refine another 8000 on your second toon
Hellas Hoplite Jul 9, 2013 @ 4:32am 
om nom nom
Synchronicity Jul 9, 2013 @ 5:42am 
You could do foundry missions, easy way to get some. It's not alot but every little bit helps. It's also a good way to easily farm for EC's
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wow 20hr into the game and you are only lvl 12, when i was 20hr in i was lvl 50 (haven't ever spent a dime on the game)
For your lvl, to get dilithium the best idea would be to do starbase 24 over and over (420 each) but honestly i would wait till lvl 50 to start spending most of your time getting dilithium
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