Reaper Apr 27 @ 4:03pm
Whats an easy way to earn a large amount of credits?
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markdb92 Apr 27 @ 6:06pm 
easy be a romulan and sit in romulan command and do those doff missions for boffs
AbsynthMinded Apr 27 @ 6:55pm 
grind dill and sell box keys
Rusty_S Apr 27 @ 9:04pm 
For me its playing STF elite`s with friends and selling all the loot on the exchange for going market value. Easy to make EC`s this way atleast for me. I can be at 1 million EC and in the matter of a few hours be at 15 million EC.

It also helps when you have a fairly maxed out starship cause then very little of the Mk XII very rare gear you get ends up getting used, so it ends up on the market making you a tidy sum of EC.
Reaper Apr 27 @ 11:35pm 
Are there any good doff missions for feds that give good EC?
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