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How to delete specific SR2 save files
by Masamaru
Saints Row 2 can't delete savefile within the game. It's incovinient for SR2 Players. So, I make the tool to delete savefile with in-game like user interface. Download SR2SvManager.rar from my homepage shown as below. [url=
How to destroy the shanties
by Radius
Spraying your entire clip and nothing is happening? Hitting them with anything and everything but not doing the job? Well worry no more! This guide will (hopefully) solve all your problems!...
Hitman: Barrio - Alvan
by quality mornie
Location of Alvan with a picture!...
Saints Row 2 cheats and unlockables
by .:JdabaD101:.
In this guide, I will show you some cheat codes and ways to unlock things in the game Saints Row 2....
Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes!
by ThreeRoneC
Want to be the ultimate gangster? Well then cheat your way to the top! Use your in-game phone to dial these numbers for the desired cheats....
Saints Row 2 Cheats
by Priyanka
I didn't see a guide for this yet, so I decided to make one for all of us to use, as we have some new guys who just got the game from the HB: DS bundle....
FAQ / Performance Tips
by ert3
Basic Tips Accumulated from personal experience and forums around the web to make sure everyone can enjoy this awesome game...
How to set a custom resolution
by Telmo "Trooper"
To set a custom resolution you'll have to download Saints Row 2: Resolution Editor (developed by Rick from Rick's Game Stuff), extract it to \SteamApps\common\Saints Row 2 , ex...
Saints Row 2 Character Creation Guide for brand new Gangstas
Saints Row 2 Character Creation guide for new gangsters. You will learn the notorious street style and how to be the greatest swagmaster in Saints Row universe....
Saints Row 2 Speedup Bug. Explanation and Solutions.
by Niggarto el Negro
Got a faster-than-normal Saints Row 2 and you don't know why nor know what to do? This guide will help you understand and try to fix it....