Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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This guide explains weapon/player skins and how to install them
by A͎̤̼̤̩̥̦NGEL̙͓̱̤̻ೋ
Well for those of you who want to install some custom skins, is this guide usefull. It explains weapon/player skins and how to install them. ...
AK-47 Guide CZ/CS
by FLink`s
»Info: Name: AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikov Model 47) (Terrorist Only) Manufacturer: Kalashnikov Costs: $ 2,500 Damage: - Avg damage two unarmored chest: 38 health - Avg damage two unarmored head: 100 health - Avg damage two armored chest: 27...
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Bot Commands and Navigation Mesh Editing... The Definitive Guide
by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail ALL of the in-game AI Bot console commands and variables, as well as ALL of the AI Bot Navigation Mesh editing console commands for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero....
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Clan Match Mode Commands List
by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail all of the Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero console commands and server configuration file settings that are useful for "Clan Match" mode games....
The Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Custom Mission System
by Never Wanna Hurt You
The Custom Mission System allows users to create their own Missions for use with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. These Mission Packs may include new maps, new challenges, new bot personalities, new bot skins, and so on....
Что такое Condition Zero - What is Condition Zero?
by Pandorazero
Игра Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (также известная по аббревиатурам CS:CZ, CSCZ или просто CZ) — продолжение истории знаменитого Counter-Strike, предназначенная ка...
Passage of game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
by Deathstroke
This passage of game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. I have made it itself. You can look at game video passage. I will show this game from the beginning to the end. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CZ or CS:CZ) is a multiplayer video game and the f...
Startparameter - Launch Options
by A͎̤̼̤̩̥̦NGEL̙͓̱̤̻ೋ
Mit den Startparametern ist es möglich verschiedene (Grund) Einstellungen von Counter-Strike festzulegen bzw. zu verändern. Die Startparameter ermöglichen es unter anderem einige FPS herauszukitzeln und grundlegende Grafikeinstellungen zu bearbeite...
CSCZ - [ZBOT] How to conquer double doors
by Sajin ...
CSCZ - [ZBOT] How to conquer ladders
by Sajin
This guide is for advanced navigation editor. Irregular ladder is one of major problems for ZBOT,but below method make them up and down with almost ladders smoothly. Old method - parallel [url=