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Как запустить игру на Windows 7 64bit
by Yackubovich
Как же сделать это?...
Русификатор для BioShock
by CH!P
Ссылка на скачивание и инструкция по установке. --- Данное руководство содержит 2 варианта русификатора: 1.Полный (Текст + звук), 2.Текст....
Rapture Historian (BioShock)
by CityofRapture246
Find all 122 collectible Audio Diaries in BioShock with this quick guide and a more extensive walkthrough, including screenshots of the locations, maps, and step-by-step instructions....
How to get BioShock run on Windows 8 or 7
by GenWargrey
Step by Step Guide for Running BioShock 1 on Windows 8 or 7 if you have Problems...
Русификатор Bioshock
by AspireInspire
Для Steam версии игры Взято с http:// cs mania .ru/ Скачать:
Bioshock Full Walkthrough
by Gambino
Full Bioshock Walkthrough, right from my Youtube channel....
Fix audio cutting out
by sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
This guide shows you how to fix issues with sounds cutting out in Bioshock....
Bioshock audio problem (only for Realtek soundcards)
by metalmass
This guide is for anyone who can't hear anything when playing Bioshock, which is caused by using a Realtek high definition audio soundcard: 1.Go to the speakers icon on the bottom right of your screen 2.Then right click on the speakers icon and click...
Disabling Mouse Acceleration and other annoying Mouse-related features
by Oktober
Annoyed by BioShock's mouse sensitivity? Do you hate how having the sensitivity on 1 still feels like your mouse runs all over the place? Then this is the guide for you....
How to Jump!
by sgtrcaker
How to jump Press the space bar.....