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CiM: Beginner's Basics [Guide 01]
by NSminecraft
This is a basic guide to the game, a collection of tips especially useful for beginners....
CiM: Common Problems [Guide 02]
by NSminecraft
Once you have a basic network up and running, there are several problems that commonly arise. This guide will explain how they happen, and what you can do about it....
How to get 100% coverage ('Got it Covered' achievement)
by AtomicDay
This guide will explain how to get 100% coverage on Tutorial city in order to get the 'Got it Covered' achievement....
Installing Mods for Cities in Motion
by √(-1) Papperonni
Perhaps you have gotten bored of playing Cities in Motion as it is: Maybe you want more vehicles, more varied maps, or additional tools that can enhance your experience. This guide will explain where to get mods, and how to install them. You will have the...
Cities in Motion Scenario Walkthroughs
by [TLK] Large Hardon Collider
Trouble passing the CIM scenarios? This guide has step by step directions on completing them....