sufferedwheel14 2013年6月21日下午1:00
Why does my Skyrim say app already running
I cant fix this problem I recently downloaded a marketing mod and it said i need skse i downloaded skse and tryed running it it said cant find tesv.exe which it was obivously in the same folder so i moved it around to see if it would work and no luck but upon giving up i started skyrim the usal screen poped up with data files and stuff i pressed play but a new message appeared it asked if i wanted to make changes to my computer upon further investigation it wanted to change the skrim launcher saying no leaves me to that screen and saying yes gets me app already running if someone could help please
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Trigger 2013年6月21日下午3:48 
youtube Gopher Vids how to install skse
Trigger 2013年6月21日下午3:50 
YOU have not installed skse right
White Knight 2013年6月21日下午4:04 
That would be because they have their spider-bots crawling through your system files, looking for data that they can sell to a third party or otherwise profit from personally.

Ok, maybe not but paranoid thoughts like that always pop up in my mind in situations like that.
dantam9000 2013年6月21日下午6:06 
When you dwnld skse b sure to read the readme file. It tells you where to put the files. Really pretty easy.
sufferedwheel14 2013年6月24日上午10:31 
Okay I read the read me file and did everything it said still cannot find the Tesv.exe
sufferedwheel14 2013年6月24日上午10:55 
I got it to work dont worry if i have anyother issues i will ask
sufferedwheel14 2013年6月24日上午10:56 
wait just one whats the fastest way to level up your speech in skyrim
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