The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
who wants to start stuff?
ok basically anyone want to group up modders and people with modding ideas who cant mod worth a crap? (like me) we can make awsome quest mods chararter mods and wep mods
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i have noticed certain things on both nexus and steam for skyrim and oblivion that one in oblivion and skyrim there are playable fox people race BUT! no fox companions (like humans with fox ears and tails) and i thought it would be cool to make a entire quested companion with a story and everything also a mod that might be less work yet has not been done in skyrim is a flaming katana i mean yeah the dragonslayer sword or dragonbane (i forgot its name) but what if instead of that sparky nonesense we replace that with fire! also it would just be cool to make a small or group of people half come up with ideas the other make the mods
Do you have any idea of the time and effort it would take for someone to make a mod you envisage? Unless your idea is REALLY awesome it's not going to happen. By the way what's wrong with the Khajit!
no not just for me i mean in total a bunch of modders getting together with people who have ideas to make really awsome mods that you cant even fine on nexus it would be a huge boost to everything
i mean if i wanted mods for just me i would of just asked my friend nez
some guy is recreating cryodill ffs by himself! imagine what a group of 20 to 40 modders could do if they all just grouped up also nothing is wrong with the khajit but just look at nexus and the workshop can you fine a human companion with a fox tail and fox ears or a human with cat ears and tail? no only player saves the only person who has made a human with cat ears and cat tail went all out and even had a huge quest and story line for it also there were flaming katana mods in oblivion see them in skyrim?
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