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BloomingLilac 30 abr. 2013 a las 15:35
Hearthfire DLC/My Lakeview Manor is a mess!
I started building the manor and was enjoying every minute of it. Now my objects disappear before my very eyes. For example, as I walk through my greenhouse, the planters disappear until I hit the WASD keys to maneuver into a different position. Annoying, but not gamebreaking...

I've dismissed the bard, but he continues to perform. I can't stand that damned Ragnar the Red song!

I have crates and barrels everywhere. As the game provides new furniture/miscellaneous items when a set is completed, I built what was available. The place looks downright junky now!

My husband and follower, Vorstag, will sometimes say that he cannot activate a shrine in the basement. For instance, he will activate Dibella, but not Mara, or vice versa. This occurs even if I haven't already asked him to activate one of them.

I have workbenches in every room. If I remove them at the architect's table, will I be able to rebuild the house? I've completed numerous objectives since I started building the manor and I do not want to load an earlier save. The building guide states that if you make a mistake, you can change it. ???

How do I get rid of that freakin' necromancer? I can see him from the tower. He also respawns. Adoption is out of the question with that lunatic lurking around. I've already had to kill a giant near the manor. If I have to worry about the kids being attacked, I might as well move into one of my other homes and scrap Lakeview Manor. The housecarl should protect the kids, but I don't want to risk it.

The display cases cannot be activated. All I can do is open and close them. Do I need to drop an item to be able to place it in a case?

Finally, some of the mounted trophy heads are ugly. How can I replace them or remove them?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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fran25 30 abr. 2013 a las 15:36 
Have you tried killing the bard
fran25 30 abr. 2013 a las 15:37 
There is also a mod that makes your housecarls invincible.
Jogon 30 abr. 2013 a las 15:39 
Quite a list. You really have to think about how the house is laid out. I went back to a previous save and rebuilt the house because I did not like the way it finally finished. You can get rid of the workbenches at any time but I do not know of any way to get them back. The neighbourhood is particularly bad and not the place you would normally choose to bring up kids. I have been attacked by bandits, necromancers, dragons, wolves, wood elves and blood horkers at or near the house. But that's Skyrim. You can try and build at one of the other sites!
BloomingLilac 2 mayo 2013 a las 12:04 
The bard finally left. I like to avoid killing innocent people with my current character.
Problem solved.

I've killed another giant and the necromancer. All of my chickens are dead and I see no option to buy more.

I decided to move back to Markarth, but I visit Lakeview Manor to build when the game allows me to. Sometimes there isn't an option to build furniture and/or interact with objects in the house, so I just store all building materials in the chest by the architect's table, move on to other adventures, and return, hoping to continue where I left off.

Since I got the DLC for $2.49, I'm not too terribly upset about all the glitches I'm experiencing. :-)
Maybe try the Unofficial Hearthfire patch; although it may need to be applied before doing any "Hearthfire" related activities.

Here's a list of all bugs fixed in Hearthfire thus far:
aturqoise 2 mayo 2013 a las 14:51 
The kids in Skyrim are invincable, they can't be touched by anything. If you shut the doors to the green house and leave it alone for awhile the disappearing objects just might settle down and stay put. Had to do this with the aromory in another house, it did stabalize after a while.
LinkStrife 2 mayo 2013 a las 15:00 
Publicado originalmente por fran25:
There is also a mod that makes your housecarls invincible.

There are also mods that may create the problems you are having.

"The display cases cannot be activated. All I can do is open and close them. Do I need to drop an item to be able to place it in a case?"

I drop an item and then use the "e" key to put them in a display case.
BloomingLilac 2 mayo 2013 a las 16:44 
Thanks, everyone, for the tips. I'll try them all. For the record, I am not using any mods...yet. (I love this game so much that I might decide to try some later on...) I DO modify my carry weight. Hope that won't cause problems.
2 mayo 2013 a las 17:41 
you mentioned mods. BY FAR MY FAVORITE MOD IS "BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE" just type build and it will appear. it is a sub for hearthfire!
BloomingLilac 2 mayo 2013 a las 17:59 
Hi. Are you referring to a console command or a Google search? I had no idea I could do anything like that in-game. If it's not a console command, please excuse my ignorance. Meanwhile, I am going to launch the game and try typing "build" into the console and see what happens. :P

EDIT: I'm assuming I need to download a mod to replace Hearthfire yet I'm a bit reluctant as I don't want to render the game unplayable.
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frogprincess_q4 2 mayo 2013 a las 19:55 
The workbenches can be replaced in the drafting table if you remove them.

Items that have been built are there for good unless you load an earlier save or use console commands.

The necromancer has never respawned in my game. I don't think that he's supposed to...

People complain about how awful the neighbourhood is at Lakeside, but this is Skyrim. ALL the neighbourhoods are "bad" in their own way. I personally love Lakeside and have used it as the family home since Hearthfires came out. That said I always make a save before I do major building work - just in case it's going to bug out on me.
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