The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Zutaradimus 2013年10月28日上午12:12
Skyrim is unplayable now.
I am getting really sick and tired of this game always crashing. I have done everything under the sun to try and fix this issue. The 16 bit 44k audio "fix", the running a pure vanilla Skyrim after a fresh install "fix", the disabling Dawnguard (and all the other DLC's) "fix". You name it, I have bloody tried it. Without fail my game will up and crash to the destop without a single warning sign before hand or error message afterwards. Just bye bye Skyrim. I know it's not my computer because this too is a fresh install of Windows. AND, if it was my computer, ALL my games would randomly crash. So ya, this game is completely broken now. The only thing left for me to do is vent because there is nothing that can fix this game for me now.
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Jogon 2013年10月28日上午12:31 
Have you tried disabling Steam Automatic Saves? If you are not using a console also turn off the 360 controls. When the automatic saves are switched off you have to make sure you remember to do a physical save or use the F5 Quicksave.
Zutaradimus 2013年10月28日上午12:33 
Am not using the controller, don't see what the console has anything to do with it but I'm not using that either. And how in the heck is auto-saves being turned off going to help anything when it doesn't crash during an auto-save but in the middle of no where when nothing is happening!?
19wulf80 2013年10月28日上午12:53 
Are you using the latest drivers for you're GPU? Make sure the CPU, GPU and RAM are running stable if overclocked, Skyrim is rather sensitive to things like an unstable overlock on either the CPU, GPU or RAM. Oh and check GPU temps.
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Thadian 2013年10月28日上午1:40 
If you do a full uninstall/reinstall, delete all your skyrim folders to remove any SKSE leftovers for example.

If you just did a fresh install, check your drivers, updates, dx, and everything else.
Jogon 2013年10月28日上午2:29 
Zutaradimus 2013年10月28日上午11:16 
Yes all my drivers are to date, no I am not over clocking, yes all the folders are deleted prior to anything. But, I guess doing a clean install for the 20th or so time couldn't hurt anything. Not like it takes long.
Zutaradimus 2013年10月28日下午3:13 
Well, I wiped my computer of any traces of Skyrim and reinstalled it. I managed to get to the first town (can't remember's-ville). I do have auto-saved turned off and have been hitting quick saves every so often. I just installed all the unofficial patches that are pertinant to me (Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) as well as SMIM (Static Mesh Improvement Mod). All in all that's 7 mods I am running without any issues thus far. If anything else comes up and causes any issues I will post it here.
Zutaradimus 2013年10月29日下午6:17 
Well, Skyrim started crashing again. I'm giving this game one more chance. I'm deleteing every trace of it again and reinstalling it. Then I'm going to download the unofficial patchs from Skyrim Nexus because they don't exist on the workshop right now (probably indefinatly because Bethesda doesn't know how to patch things). If it still crashes, I'm going to send a rather deflamatory letter to Bethesda about how completely and utterly appoulled at how they are unwilling to do ANYTHING for the very large amount of people dealing with this issue.
Kelvy 2013年10月29日下午6:53 
What is your load order in data file of game (Is it like this below)
Skyrim.esp(not shown in game version because you are in it)
Skyrim update.esm
High Res Texture Pack 1, 2 and 3 (Official)
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unofficial Hearthfires Patch
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
Then other patches if you have them.
Please use same modder for all the patches and the most downloaded (from nexus mods skyrim (too large for workshop))
Then your esp's
That is how the game must be set up as.
I would remove all mods until completing getting out of Helgen or after first dragon kill.
I would also recommend that you make your first save your repeat save if require new starts.
Ranting ain't going to get you anywhere we all have these crashes. The name of the game here is patient, test mods before you leap to far into the game and read the description of the mods some may need other mods to work properly (those I am wary of and stay clear off until I fully understand the requirements no matter how good they).
Vardis 2013年10月29日下午7:02 
Actually, that load order is not correct with the new version of the unofficial patches from nexus or afkmods.
Kelvy 2013年10月29日下午7:06 
Don,t shoot the messenger update for him and me and for others with what versions you reckon we should use.
Zutaradimus 2013年10月29日下午7:14 
My load order will be (once everything is installed and/or downloaded) Skyrim, Update, Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Dawnguard, Unofficial Dawnguard patch, Hearthfire, Unofficial Hearthfire Patch, Dragonborn, Unofficial Dragonborn Patch. I don't use the HD packs because my computer no likey them. Plus, meh. About 20-ish minutes until it's finished.
Vahlok Ro Tiid 2013年10月29日下午7:27 
Have you tried to run Skyrim in virginal vanilla? I know it probably sounds terribly boring, but at least you'll get an idea where the problem really is.
Zutaradimus 2013年10月29日下午7:34 
Yes I have, and it still crashes. Though it takes a smidge longer to do so.
Vahlok Ro Tiid 2013年10月29日下午7:35 
oh, okay. Damn. Hope you get it sorted out.
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