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Wolfman 2014年4月8日 14時57分
Legendary Edition purchased, but shop tells me I should buy it again
Strange "problem": I purchased the Legendary Edition months ago, but now the shop says I can buy it again... usually it says "You own the game already" My library entry doesn't say "Legendary Edition" but just "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". But my game data contains all Legendary data, all addons are there and everything is fine.

I'm gonna have to reinstall Windows in a couple of days, and I don't wanna loose my saves. Is this going to be a problem? Or is it just fine?
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Animert Kjøtt 2014年4月8日 15時08分 
I can add to cart if thats what you mean. And I have legend too.
Wolfman 2014年4月8日 15時09分 
Does it say "legendary Edition" in your game library?
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Animert Kjøtt 2014年4月8日 15時14分 
No. Where would it say that?
Just taken for granted that legendary edition is a term for 3 of the games with all dlcs. So one game wouldnt be legendary by itself.

Maybe try playing skyrim on different computer to settle your nerves and see if all is ok :)
Trigger 2014年4月8日 15時23分 
The LEGENDARY EDITION only adds the 3 DLC's and that's it,
Animert Kjøtt 2014年4月8日 15時27分 
Oh, apologies. I have Antholgy.
But it includes Skyrim legendary. Thats how it was (feeling silly lol). Guess it means that it just includes all dlc.
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Wolfman 2014年4月8日 15時37分 
Alright, I just thought for a moment the advertised game title should exactly be the same in the game library. :)

Thanks for claryfing. I tried to backup the game data yesterday, and it downloaded the whole game instead of only downloading the saves from steam cloud. Today, it had to update or reconfigure the game for no obvious reason. But it works fine with all dlcs and my saves. But it was a little weird, that's why I asked. Thanks guys :)
Trigger 2014年4月8日 15時37分 
Making a skill LEGENDARY, and LEGENDARY difficulty came with the 1.9 update to Skyrim, not with the LEGENDARY EDITION=DLC"s
Animert Kjøtt 2014年4月8日 15時52分 
I wasnt refering to the difficulty or the ability to make skills legendary...?
Skooma cat is that you? :p
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