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Pathitis 2014年6月20日 14時15分
Help needed improving water detail at a distance.
I've recently started modding my copy of Skyrim, and one think that has irked me for a while is that water at a distance always looks crappy no matter what I try. I have installed the W.A.T.E.R mod and tried increasing the render distance in the INI files, but water always semms to look like glue from a distance. This is especially bad in Winterhold, where I can see long distances of ocean from the college. Does anyone know how to stop this.

One other minor thing. Since I increased the render distance in the INI files, I am able to see massive worldholes from a high point in the distance. The terrain loads back in WAY before I get there. Should I be worried?
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Kelvy 2014年6月20日 14時58分 
'Realistic Water Two' (nexus under Environmental tag) Make sure you tick the correct boxes in its setup, if you don't have those mods installed, do not tick or will CTD.

Under Visual and graphics tag in nexus
'Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two', install this as well.

This next mod may help in distance for you, I use this for bigger trees etc and helps in other ways.
Under nexus Model and textures tag
'AOF HD trees LODs -AOF HD Trees LODS 4K'
(latest version on all)
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Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時03分 
Kelvy の投稿を引用:
'Realistic Water Two' (nexus under Environmental tag)

Does this replace W.A.T.E.R. or does it work alongside it?
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時05分 
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時07分 
Trying send pic not sure if it worked but click on my icon and my screenshots
Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時10分 
The link just reloaded this page
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時12分 
I thought so just click on my icon go to my screenshots you will see the results
Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時13分 
I looked. Which screenshots are you talking about?
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時19分 
Look at right hand side of page list of options - screenshots numbering 40 next to it, click and open there.
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時20分 
Three on top row are all with Water two mod
Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時22分 
Talking of screenshots, I have just installed the water mods and took a screenshot. It should hopefully highlight the issue i'm having.
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時28分 
I can't help on the second pic as I don't own it.
For Skyrim is that the old water mod or realistic water two
Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時30分 
That is realistic water two.
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 15時34分 
Did you tick waves etc?
If you are opening game from an old save it will have the old version still.
Deactivate realistic water two, open game walk and look a couple of places and save, then reactivated realistic water two and see if that improves
Pathitis 2014年6月20日 15時54分 
I did what you said, and added another screenshot. Still looks wierd to me.
Kelvy 2014年6月20日 18時19分 
Try 'Enchanced Distant Terrain' by SparrowPrince from nexus.
Sorry had visitors, had to leave computer.
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