pinejohns Jul 21 @ 4:45am
Can someone help me with SKSE
Can someone help I installed SKSE both ways but its not working I uninsralled and reinstalled it but its not doing anything did it not update or is it just ♥♥♥♥ed up
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Ilja Jul 21 @ 4:47am 
1. Language. Englis is not a primary language for all of us. You are making it even harder for others to understand what you are talking about, so answers may vary.

2. Details. Exactly how it is not working? SKSE launcher does not launch the game? Mods related to SKSE do not work? What?
pinejohns Jul 21 @ 5:05am 
the skyrim script extender (SKSE) is not running.
SkyUI will not work correctly!

This message may also appear if a new skyrim
patch has beereleased. in this case, wait until
SKSE has been updated, then install the new

For help, see the SkyUI mod description."

I updated skyrim not to long ago I installed manually it did not work then I installed it with the installer and it did not work
Ilja Jul 21 @ 5:06am 
This might be a silly question, but I have to ask.

Are you certain that you are running the game trough the separate SKSE launcher (should be in your desktop, if you did not remove it), instead of the default Steam Skyrim launcher?

Steam must also be open, before activating the SKSE launcher, or it will use the default launcher instead.
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pinejohns Jul 21 @ 5:18am 
wow just wow my level of stupid scary its good now thank you
Ilja Jul 21 @ 5:19am 
Originally posted by pinejohns:
wow just wow my level of stupid scary its good now thank you

It happens. I actually made the same mistake at first.
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