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Lister 2012年12月27日下午2:37
Addiction Pinball
For those that have never played this before, it's originally featured in Addiction Pinball, a 1998 game by Team17 and Microprose (or Infogrames on PSX version)
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The Spooky Gentleman 2013年6月22日上午10:53 
Thats right, I still have the CD somwhere! It also came with a World Rally Fever, an old racing game by Team17, themed table (which in my opinion wasn't as good). Worms Pinball has also been released in The Full Wormage box set, and as a bonus disk with first eddition coppies of Worms Blast.
CatPhoenix_GWJ 2013年11月5日下午7:10 
The only problem is, with Addiction Pinball, the World Rally Fever Table I enjoyed so much more than the Worms table, and the only table on steam is Worms. That makes me so mad, that I almost want to pull out my old Addiction Pinball CD and try to hack that into steam overwritting the Worm table assets.

And the rules for the two tables was more modern arcade style (like Pinball Arcade) instead of insanely difficult mode failure states like Pinball FX2.
ShakeNBakeUK 2013年11月19日下午12:01 
I spent many hours of my childhood playing Addiction Pinball, glad to see this game up on steam ;D I miss the racing car table though, that one was great too!
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