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Abyss_Walker 2013年4月7日 20時24分
Crosshair in the lower right hand side of the screen in full screen mode- in windowed mode, it's centered. How to fix?
Not sure what to do. The resolution is set to the resolution of my desktop.
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Abyss_Walker 2013年4月7日 20時27分 
dmytryl  [開発者] 2013年4月8日 20時58分 
Hmm, the only thing I know sometimes causes this effect, is glitches after disconnecting a second display or the like.

Re: your question about xbox controller, it should work with controller without xpadder. As for what it does with xpadder, I am guessing xpadder is glitching. Zoom is done with shift, and shift+esc exit the game, so maybe xpadder is sending shift continuously.

You may need to open controller preferences and enable DirectInput , or something similar. (ThePolynomial uses generic joystick interface (DirectInput) rather than xbox controller specific one, as it is mostly used with flying sticks and the like rather than gamepads)
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