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In-depth Modding of MH: TCatS Steam Version - Creating a Nation
by [AHSC] Teddy
This Guide will show you how to create a completely new nation in your scenario mainly using the Making History Editor. This Guide will cover the creation of the nation, the selection of pre existing supplies and how to bind in your own emblems and flags....
Setting custom screen resolutions
by Ja'Crispy
This guide is meant to help individuals who wish to set their game's resolution to a value that is not currently available from within the in-game options menu....
In-depth Modding of MH: TCatS Steam Version - Relations and Base Colors
by [AHSC] Teddy
Now that, from Part 1 of this Guide Series, we know how to create or alter a nation, this guide picks off at Diplomatic Starting Relations and editing the Base Color of your Nation....