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swenor 2013年2月13日 23時01分
Nice Shades achievement.
Nice Shades
Open all umbrellas simultaneously on the Stunt airfield

The description is a bit misleading. It suggests you should be opening them all at the same exact moment, which is pretty hard (and not true at the same time).
All you need to do it to have them opened all for a brief moment at the same time. This way you can open one group, then another group and then another (an umbrella stays opened for a short period), and as long as all ubrellas are opened you will get the achievo.
最近の変更はswenorが行いました; 2014年2月13日 1時50分
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keedor 2014年2月12日 11時49分 
The best way to gain this achievement, I found, was to use several of the yellow stunt planes (one for each set of umbrellas) and have them circle over them in a tight flightpath. This opens all the umbrellas simultaneously and gains the reward.
swenor 2014年2月13日 1時51分 
Nice find. We have 2 solutions then :D
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