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striker93 2013年12月2日 6時58分
keeps crashing
so i just installed the game, go to load it up and start a tutorial mission but when it starts to load it crashes, a windows messages pops up saying it has crashed but gives no reason as to why. im luanching it through a steam shortcut from my desktop if that is any help
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striker93 2013年12月3日 10時29分 
any help ???
Emily[CH] 2014年1月1日 4時03分 
Same as you. I was able to play 6 hours yesterday and built my first (small) city.
Today, when I load the city, the game crashes after 3-5 min without explanation.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this ?
striker93 2014年1月1日 11時12分 
i sort of got it sorted out, it was crashing on start up for me, so i just dont touch my mouse and it seems to work on the second or third attempt at playing it. it would seem that if you click when the game does not want you to it will crash...
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