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Amish Rocket Scientist Jan 8, 2013 @ 2:38pm
Valve if you are collecting revenue from commercials you should be banning hackers
There is a new rash of kiddie hackers downloading/modifying there game to speed hack and modify there name to be unkickable by the team. Valve has started collecting more revenue by playing commercials to keep making money on this game. Valve should also be actively engaged in removing hackers but I'm not seeing it. I still see players that have been reported are still playing. Maybe step up and do what you're suppose to be doing.
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2point4 Jan 8, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
I don't think Valve is the one collecting any revenue from the ads displayed on Pinion servers. And I don't think one necessarily has to do with the other. My take on it is is that since L4D2 isn't a F2P game and I paid full retail price (well -10% preorder anyway) for it I shouldn't have to see ads.

Valve talks about how "they make more money per employee than Google" yet the Pinion servers were added to the official server pool so they could have servers in areas they didn't currently have servers. How about maybe spend some of those more-money-per-employee-than-Google dollars to put up unmodified official servers that don't have glitched events and aren't running SourceMod?

In other news, I hear the crash that we used to get from this in L4D2 is now making its way over to TF2. TF2, though, is F2P so I don't necessarily see the problem with ads on servers. Sure, I also paid full retail price for TF2 when TOB was released, but it has since gone F2P and that is something I, personally, can accept...though I know I'm not speaking for everyone.

As far as the cheating...I guess just wait for VAC to do its job. Or not. :\ If you know which cheats they are using you can report them to Steam support.


I swear there was an e-mail address you could send this stuff to, but I can't find it. I'm also too lazy to do any digging for it because I think it's not exactly the right way to go about reporting cheats and cheaters.
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