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Blue Candle 19 mar 2013, ore 14:11
Question about the director
I noticed sometimes that the director might pick somebody out of a group and send the infected after them, special or not. They can be ahead or with the group. Sometimes I notice a Jockey or Hunter walk right by somebody to get somebody else. So can the Director "Bully" somebody or is it just bad luck?
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Lunatix 19 mar 2013, ore 14:24 
If he is low health, AI will try to focus him if you're talking bout this.
Fire Marshall Bill Burns 19 mar 2013, ore 14:29 
Meh, Yeah that can happen. I hardly ever notice getting any special attention by the director though to be honest. Or else speedruns wouldn't work as they do ya know? I'v even limped with under 10 life into a saferoom miles ahead of people in campaign to not see a soul.

On a side note now I know who to blame this Cold/Flu that seems to be slamming my head into the wall! 24 hours later I may be after braaaains.
MystMan 19 mar 2013, ore 14:35 
From what I noticed over the years, this is random. I was once lucky to never having been targeted by the Director for the entire Parish campaign on Expert Realism, resulting in zero damage taken at the end, 100% health the enire time. :)
-Gray` 19 mar 2013, ore 15:05 
Yes. The director will both reward and punish players. It likes to send more horde/SI after players who friendly fire a lot or separate from the team.
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