Insecured Jan 20 @ 5:32pm
Problem regarding "Disconnected"
Whenever i try to go for a online game, it shows "Disconnected - Failed to create session. Please check your connection and try again". And i cant see any of the online games. While my internet connection is working perfectly fine. So... any solutions?
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Fizar Jan 20 @ 5:42pm 
mods? some mods do not work in the online environment, otherwise be more specific, how long have you had this issue, try verify game cache, etc.
Insecured Jan 20 @ 5:43pm 
Just had it. how do u verify a game cache? Im rather noob with IT.... lol
Insecured Jan 20 @ 5:45pm 
Ah. Nvm. I found out the issue.1 of the reskins i got from workshop is conflicting with vs. Thx. -Thread closed-
Fizar Jan 20 @ 5:46pm 
right click l4d2 in your game library, local files, verify integrity of game cache;

okay. good thing it's fixed.
Bragagnolo Jan 20 @ 6:40pm 
my friend's game keeps closing without warning , can this be some mod problem ?
lilbkbx Jan 20 @ 7:11pm 
Originally posted by Bragagnolo:
my friend's game keeps closing without warning , can this be some mod problem ?

Yeah, absolutely, though if it's throwing an error that will narrow it down a lot more. Hard to pin it down without error info but you can try escalating cure-all steps. To verify and redownload game cache files:

Right-click from Library>properties>local content>verify integrity of game cache

That fixes a lot. Next step is unsubscribing all the add-ons you have installed, restarting the game, and kinda starting over. In a way I like to do this anyway cause it sends me looking for stuff and I end up experiencing something I wouldn't have otherwise.

Last and most nuclear option is to

Right-click from Library>Delete Local Content

And that will blow away the whole installation so you can re-download. Thing is with this is it will also restore any add-ons you had on, so if you're suspicious of your mods, unsubscribe from them first before you blow the game away. Hope that helps. Imma kill some zombies.

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