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AiRODiNAMiCᴮᴳ 2014年3月26日上午5:30
Problem connecting
I have problems from about 3 days and i can't connect to half of the servers. it show that player is currently not playing on any game from the ingame but on player details it show that it play but when i try to connect is say the game is no longer availble. the same goes to the matchmaking it say that there are like 6 servers with map DEAD AIR but i can't join any off them or only 1 of 6. never haved problems like this before. any suggestion how to fix it?
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MaRs911 2014年3月26日上午5:33 
553sanek553 2014年3月26日上午5:37 
подскажите пожалуста как мне играть по сети когда мне можно играть только одиночку
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