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Worth to buy...
Is LIMBO a game worth to buy?
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This game is amazing!
I just did and it's great.
NMe 2012年12月29日 5時20分 
Best game you'll ever buy for this price.
One of the best indie games around!
Sam 2012年12月29日 5時54分 
No doubt!
J.N. 2012年12月29日 7時28分 
Not if you've played and completed other puzzle/platformer games before that are much harder, like :
- I Wanna Be The Guy
- Kaizo Mario World
- Catherine

It's too easy and you lose a lot of the fun otherwise.
最近の変更はJ.N.が行いました; 2012年12月29日 7時29分
It's a piece of Art!
One of the most visually interesting games I've ever played and it's fun, too.
This game is worth praying to.
Espalha 2012年12月29日 10時18分 
Well I played the demo and I find it a very nice game. I already bought it! Thank you so much for all your opinions :D
Jarman 2012年12月29日 13時29分 
cool game
mozcheez 2012年12月29日 13時39分 
definitely worth it, especially for that price
Zesty 2012年12月29日 22時38分 
At 75% off, yeah.
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1-15 / 211 のコメントを表示
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