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Карта местонахождений сенсоров и т.п. Map locations of sensors, etc.
by SmOokiDucki
Карты и описания о местонахождение всех предметов в игре. Maps and descriptions of the location of all the items in the game....
Workaround: War Hero Level Crash to Desktop
by ali tayyab
The War Hero level has is notorious for CTDs at random points specially on Nvidia hardware. The solutions posted on various sites did not work for me. These included not crouching, turning of V-sync and using Win 7 compatibility mode for the game. How...
how to delete save game/find save game
by Clone303
The game file is ( GamePak1.dfu ) C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\front mission evolved\fm If you want to start a new game from the beginning delete GamePak1.dfu . After you delete this file put the cd in and press reinstall game. Start the game,...