Postron 2012. dec. 9. @ de. 12:58
Ai difficulty
Can I set eachs Ai difficulty individualy or is it global on all Ai ?
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Biowraith 2012. dec. 9. @ de. 1:06 
When you set up the game and choose the faction etc of each player, they each have a button to set the difficulty - I assume that's letting you set their individual difficulty, independent of the others.
Postron 2012. dec. 9. @ de. 1:25 
I thought so too, but why do human (as in not comps) player have a difficulty button too?
Biowraith 2012. dec. 9. @ de. 1:50 
Not sure. Maybe for if you switch in an AI to take control of an empire that started out as a human player (e.g. if someone drops from a multiplayer game).
Poodlestrike 2012. dec. 9. @ de. 9:22 
Yeah, that's it. It sets the difficulty of the AI that takes over when a player is absent from a multiplayer game.
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