Transformers: War for Cybertron

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XBOX gamepad controls 엑박 패드 키 설정표
by sobnet
Healing in Escalation
by Bonder
Want to go far in escalation mode? A good healer is the key. This guide describes some tips, techniques, do's, and don'ts, and displays what you can do even when your team is only 2 or 3 deep. For the intermediate to advanced player, does not cover escala...
Characters and Weapons: Single Player
by nepechri
This basic guide is my personal opinion on the weapons and characters of Transformers: War fo Cybertron single player. This is meant to help people choose the right characters and weapons in single player....
How to unlock the 30 FPS Cap/Как разблокировать тридцать кадров в секунду колпачок
by stalker gave me multiple ptsds
Sick of being capped at 30 FPS? This guide will fix it for you! Надоело быть ограничен на FPS? Это руководство будет исправить это за вас!...
Fixing your game so that it can work, or perform better.
by commander
If you need help fixing your game to startup or to perform better, some info on port forwarding, internet issues in some links as well. Also some info on hardware/modems. And should work for all windows versions. This should fix most issues that people...
Wfc Guide To hackers and You.
by |Ca| Venetus
Hackers and You WfC...
Videoguía de Transformers: War for Cybertron [1080p]
by Soyvideojuegos
Esta es una guía en video para el juego Transformers: War for Cybertron La guía se encuentra dividida en 10 capítulos que representan la campaña del juego. Para más información y guías de videojuegos, no olvides visitarnos en nuestro canal de...
Better Graphics - No “Motion Blur”/“Depth of Field”
by DENIS_Biomechanoid
Want better graphics beyond just a “Low/Medium/High” presets? This guide is for you. ...
Transformers: War for Cybertron - Graphics Settings
by commander
Graphics Settings for Transformers: War for Cybertron....
How-To get past loading screen
by majorface101
After, installation, if your game goes to the loading screen and stops, right click on it, got to properties, and verify game cache. If that doesn't work after the "verifly game chache window goes away, click on browse local flies on the properties window...