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Portal Multiplayer Guide!
av < blank >
What?! Multiplayer in Portal? Yes, that is possible and is actually really simple. On this guide, I will be teaching you how to create a multiplayer server. You will need to know how to open up the developer console. Just right click on Portal, go to prop...
Portal - Osiągnięcia
av Kudłaty
Poradnik do osiągnięć w grze Portal. Po polsku. Jeśli zauważyłeś jakiś błąd, brak czegoś, albo masz screena, lubi film, który można umieścić w tym poradniku napisz. Jeśli chcesz mnie docenić możesz [url=https://steamcommunity.com/trade...
How to Disable the Transmission Received Radios
av Calmly Frenetic
Sick of the extra radios (and loud music) while playing Portal? Option 1 : Modify the volume/music played by the radios. Option 2 : Temporarily remove all the extra radios (in Offline mode)....
FIX for Achievements that did not unlock
av Calmly Frenetic
What to do when completed Portal achievements don't show as unlocked on Steam....
How to cheat chamber 15
av Pumpkinhead
Step by step guide on how to cheat chamber 15, same method as my other guide....
How to get the cube in chamber 13 without the pellet
av Pumpkinhead
How to cheat chamber 14
av Pumpkinhead
This guide will make chamber 14 very easy for you....
Thirdperson mode
av Pumpkinhead
This guide will show you how to change to thirdperson mode....
Observations of rocket turret
av Pumpkinhead
I spent a little time playing with the rocket turret and I found some pretty interesting things about him....
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