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Cliffy 2012年9月11日 10時18分
Moonbase Projects Corp. ( MB-PC ) Group
The MB-PC is looking for recruits - astronauts with quality - who may be able to help them with there huge task....
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Campy 2013年1月9日 8時22分 

My handle is Campy. I am not an astronaut, but I do like the NASA MoonBase Alpha simulator game. I am seriously interested in helping with NASA MMO or any other MB-PC project. I am especially interested in the LeGrange Points and establishing space ports at LeGrange points near Earth orbit and Moon orbit and Mars Orbit and beyond. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Campy (Bruce B. Campbell) at
bean_warhead 2013年1月10日 20時50分 
this sounds cool, and i always play games to win and complete them not just ♥♥♥♥ around.
MS-DOS 6.22 2013年1月16日 13時41分 
MS-DOS 6.22 2013年1月16日 13時42分 
btw, you meant to say "their huge task" not "there huge task."
Cliffy 2013年1月17日 8時58分 
Greetings Campy.

Thank you for your post. You have captured my interest - LeGrange points ? Please explain what they are. How you refer to Moon Mars & beyond as if its available now - is it ?


Cliffy 2013年1月17日 9時01分 
Good attention to detail Tin Fiol - mean ' Foil '. Lol. A worthy quality in MB-PC operations.
MS-DOS 6.22 2013年1月18日 0時43分 
thanks but no, I will stick to my juvenile abuse of the text-to-speech function.

Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over Come over
Campy 2013年1月27日 19時58分 
CMDR Cliff - If you want to run a mission meet me at MB-CampBell. Campy (Bruce B. Campbell)
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