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onilink_  [developer] Oct 6, 2016 @ 2:53am
Status of the next patches
Patch 0.8 - Technology
- Guns [100%]
- 9 new enemies [100%]
- Boss [95%]
- New environments [100%]
- New dungeons [100%]
- New objects engine (attributes system) [100%]

Status: 99%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||-> 100%

[november 22]
Some fix to do but we're at the end of it.
Many gfx are missing, and I have to set the patterns of the boss.

PS: Another tech pach will come after the patch 0.8 with mechas, turrets...

Attributes system
Attributes system allows to totally customize objects,
with the ability to add multiple behaviors at the same time,
modify attributes in runtime with the events, and even more.
Some attributes can also interact with the event engine.
Will be available on the building mode later.

Meteo Upgrade
*rain v2 + sfx
*wind + sfx
*snow v2

Status: 75%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||---------> 100%

Procedural generation v2

Status: 80%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||--------> 100%

Large maps

Status: 40%
0% ||||||||||||||||||------------------------------> 100%

Special rooms & mini events/challenges

Status: 95%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||-> 100%

Important optimisations/engine rework
Chunking system
The map will no longer be loaded at once on the memory:
*smaller memory consumption
*much less in game entities
*faster save/loading
*multiplayer no longer crashes on small connections
*multiplayer loading greatly improved
-monitoring of dynamic objects (grenades, balls)
-larger "view" area for clients on multiplayer
-chunk priority on multiplayer

Status: 95%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||-> 100%

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Xardion Dec 17, 2016 @ 5:18am 
Hello; I bought the game and it's super cool and has too much potential to be a super game, but the commands are complicated means to play the game comfortably. I would like if it is possible that you could implement the use of game controls to better manage and can last many hours more playing it since I get my fingers locked a little and that complicates me a lot the enjoyment of the game.
Hopefully and listen to me and implement it.
Greetings and thanks for this great game
Var Jan 11 @ 2:48pm 
0 0 0 70 90 - не очень радостные цифры. Можете примерно сказать когда будет 100 100 100 70 90?
0 0 0 70 90 - not very cheerful figures. Can you say approximately when it will be 100 100 100 70 90?
onilink_  [developer] Jan 12 @ 12:52am 
Var: ~1 week per feature I think.
Var Jan 12 @ 7:06am 
Было бы хорошо.
It would be nice.
Loco36 Jan 15 @ 4:23am 
when will realese the next update?
Loco36 Feb 2 @ 5:45pm 
any news about the progress?
SirFuff Feb 2 @ 10:27pm 
I would so pay 100 Dollars for some stairs... Though it would be nice If people could donate money toward a new feature lol
Last edited by SirFuff; Feb 3 @ 4:00am
Loco36 Feb 3 @ 4:11am 
so.... the new boss is finished.... but why it said status: 0% instead of 100%?
is the new boss already implemented to the game?
Loco36 Feb 3 @ 12:58pm 
Originally posted by Squalleze:
is the new boss already implemented to the game?
it seems like finished but i guess it will upload the update
onilink_  [developer] Feb 3 @ 2:11pm 
The patch is almost done, there are only a few bugs to solve.
It will come out probably monday.
Var Feb 5 @ 1:47pm 
Хорошая новость.
Good news.
Loco36 Feb 13 @ 3:48am 
the mini map looks promising... but can you show us some samples how it looks?
anybody know whats in the next update orwhen it is comming out?
onilink_  [developer] Feb 27 @ 12:02pm 
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