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replaY 10 dic 2013, ore 4:41
Game won't even start
I've bought XIII Century Gold Edition recently and game won't even start. It pops up the message with my key and I copy it, then I click on start and nothing happens, game won't even start. Any help with this ?
I'm on Win7, 2MB Ram, 2,93Ghz
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Sneaksie(RUS)  [sviluppatore] 10 dic 2013, ore 11:36 
What video card do you have?
replaY 11 dic 2013, ore 13:10 
NVIDIA GeForce 210
Sneaksie(RUS)  [sviluppatore] 13 dic 2013, ore 14:08 
Is it a laptop? If yes, chances are it tries to run the game on integrated graphics which aren't enough. Try to force the game to run on GeForce using nVidia control panel.
replaY 13 dic 2013, ore 18:10 
It's a PC.
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