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How to install mods.
by Vortis
A simple guide for me and my friends on how to install mods for Empire at War Forces of Corruption, though this should work for vanilla Empire at War I hope/think....
A guide to Space units.
by Toastasaurus Rex
The idea of this guide is to explain how to use different space units, and what purpose they serve in Star Wars Empire at War. This guide is meant to be for the Forces of Corruption expansion, and I will include units exclusive to that expansion....
A Guide to Ground Units
by Toastasaurus Rex
This is a guide to the units and soldiers you will find, fight and use in Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption....
Republic at War GC help and tips.
by Rami
This guide is to help new comers to the mod Republic at War and some tips on playing Galactic Conquest. Specifically the Fall of the Jedi Galactic Conquest. The guide will also help you combat the seemingly overpowered AI too....
How To Win At Multiplayer Campaigns
by Tactician
This guide is intended to give all the less skilled players who have had the misfortune to face myself or one of the other 'pros' in a multiplayer campaign a fighting chance, and to give those players a winning advantage over anyone else. This is more or ...
Basic Unit Guide (Empire, Rebellion, Consortium)
by Sminmorph
Overview of all Imperial, Rebellion and Consortium units in EaW and FoC Expansion. Still a work in progress, I started in January 2015 and kinda write a paragraph here and there if I'm feeling like it, figured I'd publish it when I finished Empire. ...
Star Wars:Empire at War Beginner Guide (Space)
by Arcturus Illusive
A starters guide to Empire At War....
Phoenix Rising Guide
by nH Delta
A brief guide designed to help those who are starting out in the Phoenix Rising mod, or encouraging new people to try this mod for Empire at War Forces of Corruption....
Не удалось сохранить игру. Проверьте, достаточно ли места на диске.
by Vovamaru
Star Wars: Empire at War Beginner guide (Land)
by Arcturus Illusive
This guide covers the land sections of the game, This will hopefully, make you better when fighting on land....