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Достижения из Poker Night at the Inventory на русском языке + Памятка новичка.
by bizi_MO
How To Get the Straight Flush Achievement (or any other) with AutoHotkey!
by pokerdan99
Stuck trying to get a Straight Flush? Even after dozens or hundreds of hours? This guide describes how to use the automation tool AutoHotkey to continue trying while you sleep....
Get to know the characters
by The truth
This will help you to learn about the characters in poker night 1...
Get all 4 items quickly
by TrueMisfit
This guide has in it's text the way to get all 4 items from this game somewhat faster than normal. Keep in mind some of it is luck, so there is no guarantee this will be as fast as you want....
Poker Night at the Inventory Walkthrough
by Burger
A comprehensive guide involving Character play styles, tells, and strategies....
Easy Win
by Mildly Perturbed Albatross
How to get an easy win even without a good hand!...