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Call Of Juarez - All Wanted & Weapons Locations
by Plasma SKX
Showing you where to find all Wanted Posters (To Unlock Very Hard Mode) and to find the weapons...
The story of Call of Juarez
by Proteas
For thoose who want to play the storyline of Call of Juarez series....
Call of Juarez - New Cheat Codes Mod (Rus)
by Cowboy(UA)
Если Вам недостаточно обычных чит-кодов, которые встроены в игру и очень хочется пострелять из любого оружия, - то этот мод как раз для Вас. К...
Call of Juarez: Cheats
by suburbia
All the working cheats for Call of Juarez...
Call of Juarez - New Cheat Codes Mod (Eng)
by Cowboy(UA)
If you have enough conventional cheat codes that are available in the game, and you really want to try any weapon - this mod is for you. Also, using this mode you can influence the NPS, enable or disable the thunder and lightning, and a little to adjust t...