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Resolving eye-strain
by Sir Slush
If your eyes hurt when playing Melody's Escape, this guide explains what I believe to be the cause and two potential solutions....
The Easiest Song To Get All of The Achievements.
by [CCH] Roscoe
The First Melody's Escape Guide. This guide will show you how to get the easiest song and achieve all of the achievements in a matter of a day. This is what the developers don't want you to know!...
The Officially Unofficial Guide of Melody's Escape
by Daxter <===|-<(^_-)-}
In this guide, I will tell you some tips and tricks to get better at this game. Alot of people think it's hard, Although it deffinately can be hard at times, This guide will help you to get past those frustrating parts of some songs. (Mostly for Keyboard ...
Ачивки в Melody's escape
by neothat
Здесь я расскажу как получить все ачивки...
Tips & Tricks to getting started
by D0lneaz
In this guide i actually want to explain how to beat Melody´s Escape. I want to make it easier for newcomers to play the game....
Possible reason for you music sounding odd/off and Solution.
by -={D@}=- The009®
Possible fix for your music not sounding correct while playing....